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Flute Roofing Install a wide range of Industrial and Agricultural Roofing systems. Each roof comes with a 10 year Installation guarantee underwrittern by a third party Insurance backed guarantee. Flute Roofing contractors are a proffesional company that take pride in both wormanship and customer service. Each Roof is accompanied with a building Regulations completion certificate.

Composite Roofing

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Composite Panels are ideal for Industrial, Commercial or Agricultural applications. These can be standard trapezoidal profiled panels usually seen on roofs or as wall cladding. Composite roofing comprises of an inner liner sheet and an outer corrugated panel with an insulated core. It is the favoured modern industrial roofing system. As a composite roofing installer in Manchester we can supply, install, repair and replace. These are available in a variety of colours and finishes although there is a standard colour range which if used helps to avoid extra costs for specific colours.

Composite Cladding PanelsĀ are insulated steel cladding which consists of two coated steel profiles bonded to a core of PIR insulation; they may be used to form roofs, down to a 4 degree pitch, and walls.


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