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  • 25 year manufacturer warranty against failure
  • 10-25 year workmanship warranty
  • 3rd Party Insurance backed guarantee to cover Flute Roofing warranty
  • Part of the competent roofer scheme. All works come with a building regulations certificate
  • No leaks and choice of finished colours
  • Works carried out by Flute Roofing employed staff
  • The proper alternative to bitumen felt roofing

GRP stands for glass reinforced polyester. Over the last 60 years it has proved to be an extremely robust and long-lasting water and rot proof material which is used in the boat building and construction industries. Fibreglass GRP is an excellent solution for both new and old troublesome flat roofs. Fibreglass is one of the most durable and water resistant materials available. Among its other qualities are a resistance to fire and a heat, electricity and a great sound insulator. The thermal insulation properties alone will generate considerable savings on heating and power bills. It will also give added value to any property. Fibreglass Roofing can be used on any style of roof from pitched to flat and for any roofing purpose including extensions and porches. Call 0161 207 4044 for a free quotation and roof assessment survey.

GRP Colour options

With a wide variety of colours to chose from Flute Roofing can set the finshed colour of the GRP roof to your

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Advantages of Fibreglass

  • Will not spit, crack, bubble or blister
  • Very strong and water proof
  • Risistant to UV Rays and typical British weather
  • Widely used for domestic and commercial roofing
  • Maintainace free
  • Lasts for years
  • Attractive wide range of colours and finishes to suite you

Disadvantages of felt

  • Heavily effected by UV rays
  • Easily damaged and breached
  • Often requires repair or replacemet within just a few years

Installation Process

Below is a short photo demonstration showing some of the stages involved during installation of a new GRP Fibreglass roof system. The case study below is a Flute Roofing system on a terraced house in Widnes with a peculiar front flat roof bay window, showing how flexible the GRP system can be.

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Frequently asked questions

Below is a round up some of the most asked questions regarding Fibreglass GRP.

Q. How long does a GRP roof or gutter last

A. A GRP Roof or gutter lining will remain virtually maintenance free for a period in well in excess of the twenty five year guarantee period. GRP roofs that have been protected from UV degradation by chippings on the gel surface should remain serviceable for considerably longer. 40 year old GRP Roof lights are still in use (todays materials are far superior and have built in UV protection). After twenty five years, a new gel surface can be applied to roofs and gutter linings extending life expectancy even further (subject to specific site conditions). Even 40 year old GRP roof lights can be refurbished with a new gel-coat!

Q. What does it cost?

A. In many cases GRP is a cheaper alternative to traditional materials due to faster installation and the reduced need to strip out existing materials, roof sheets/tiles or glazing bars etc. The price per roof or gutter lining is often dictated by site conditions, please contact us for further information and pricing.

Q. Can I walk on it?

A.  A GRP roof is perfectly safe to walk on, and is far less likely to be damaged compared to traditional roofing materials. Pedestrian access can be easily incorporated in roofs or gutter linings and specific specifications can be used for roof gardens or balcony/patio areas etc.

Q. Can GRP be used on pitched roofs.

A. Fibreglass has for many years been used successfully on pitched roofs as well as flat areas. Rooflights and Velux installations are easily incorporated into the new GRP roof.

Q. Does my existing roof have to be re-decked?

A. As the GRP roof systems we use lend themselves to over-roofing (providing the existing deck is in serviceable condition) it is not always necessary to strip the existing roof covering and decking. An initial site survey should establish whether the existing deck should be replaced as per building regulations.

Q. Can my GRP roof be used as a roof garden?

A. Fibreglass roofs are much stronger than traditional felt roofs , and so make excellent roof gardens, balconies and patio areas.

Q. Can a GRP roof incorporate flashings/soakers or a Velux Window/Rooflight?

A. GRP roofs are ideal for the incorporation of flashing details and specific soakers for Velux units or rooflights etc. Independent GRP soakers or flashing units can also be manufactured on site for use on a variety of roof surfaces (tile, fibre cement sheet, slate etc.) although we still advocate the use of a lead flashing to the perimeter of our GRP roofs to aid in the transmission of moisture vapour.

Q. Can a GRP roof incorporate a gutter detail?

A. A gutter detail is easily incorporated into the roof structure, as are most shapes and roof pitches.

Q. Is the work guaranteed?

A. All of our work is guaranteed. Please contact us for specific information and insurances etc.


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