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Modern day larger concrete tiles such as the Sandtoft Calderdale or Marley Modern were introduced as a more economical alternative to the smaller clay tile, with only ten tiles per square metre as opposed to 60 per square metre for the concrete / clay plain tile.  This type of tile is extremely popular on many domestic and commercial properties and works well for customers working to a budget. Concrete tile replacements are a great choice for anyone looking for a low cost alternative to slate or clay roofing materials.

Planning permission is not required for a new concrete tile roof unless your property is listed building or within a conservation area. If more than 25% of the building surface area is being re-roofed the thermal insulation properties of the roof must be upgraded to current building regulations. This will help provide a warmer and more energy efficient building.

Flute Roofing now offer a dry ridging and dry verge systems with all new re roofs and ridge repairs. This system does not require any cement so can be installed in most weather conditions and provides a maintenance free system and aesthetically pleasing.

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Older concrete tile roofs were installed using non breathable felt which can cause roofing battens to become saturated with water and rot. Although not often apparent because the battens are under the roofing tiles, some tell-tale signs can be the lines in the concrete roof tiles start to look un-even as some tiles come loose and slip. Flute Roofing install new breathable felt underlay on all our new re-roofs and repairs. This ensures that your roof can breathe and allows the timber on your roof to stay dry.

For a roof condition report and to find out how much a new roof will cost in Altrincham, Stretford, Urmston, Didsbury, Cheshire, Hale Barns, Cheadle, Stockport or Manchester look no further than Flute Roofing, offering 10 year installation warranty on new roofs, with a customer service focused professional approach to all jobs.

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